4×4 winches are mechanical devices that are commonly found in four-wheel-drive vehicles. It consists of a cable that is used to pull in, or in some cases wind out when required. The construction can vary, but in its most basic form, it consists of a winch drum, which is attached to a hand crank. The more complex designs utilize gear assemblies, which can be powered by different methods. Some of these methods are hydraulic, electric or in some cases, they use internal combustion drives to power them. Most 4×4 vehicles will utilize the planetary winch as it is designed for light work, and they usually have a line speed that is quite fast.

The worm gear is used for heavier loads and has a slow but constant pull. This type of winch is normally found on larger work vehicles. It is important that you take into consideration the winch loading capacity. You will need to get one that is powerful enough to pull the vehicle in case of salvage recovery, taking into account resistance caused by obstacles such as sand, stones, water currents, gradients and other factors. As a general rule, the winch should have a power in excess of 1.5 times that of the vehicle’s gross weight.

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There are different kinds of winches that use various methods of power. Mechanical 4×4 winches get their power from the vehicle’s engine, and can work for as long as the vehicle’s engine keeps running. These kinds of winches are effective if you are trying to pull objects towards the vehicle. However, because they are driven through a transfer box, it means that its speed will be determined by the gear selection of the main gearbox. This means that when you step on the clutch, it will stop the winch. This puts using the winch for self-recovery at a disadvantage because you cannot have a winch/drive combination.

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