If you’ve got a 4×4, then it’s a shame if you don’t put it to work. Because having a 4×4 has become something of a status symbol in recent days, many 4x4s are languishing away in garages instead of doing the work that they were built to do. If you’re one of the few who put their 4x4s to good use, then you’re probably looking for the best 4×4 accessories to make it easier for you to put your 4×4 to work.

If your 4×4 is going to make itself useful, then you’re going to need accessories: like tow bars, for example. Tow bars are devices that are attached to a 4×4’s chassis to make it possible for you to hitch something to your vehicle so that you can use your 4×4 to tow something somewhere. This could mean anything from towing a stranded car to the nearest mechanic to towing a trailer on a camping trip or even towing your boat down to the marina. With a tow bar on your 4×4, you can tow just about anything anywhere. It would be such a waste to have to pay someone else to tow those things for you when you have a perfectly serviceable 4×4 of your own.

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Finding the right tow bars for the right vehicles is a relatively simple task. You simply need to consider how much weight you’re expecting to tow, and what kind of hitch you need. If you’re towing a boat, make sure you have a tow bar that will accommodate that hitch. If you’re towing a trailer, the same principle applies. If you want to tow a variety of different loads, then there are versatile bars that can accommodate the most commonly used hitches. Just be sure that you get a bar that can handle whatever you throw at it.

You may wonder whether or not it’s really worth it to get a tow bar on your 4×4, but those who have them know that they’re worth it. Even if you don’t tow boats and trailers around on a regular basis, it’s nice to know that you have the option of towing something if you really need to. It can save you from having to pay someone else to tow whatever it is you need transported when you have a perfectly serviceable 4×4 of your own. 4x4s that have tow bars are prepared for whatever happens.