Bull Bars

4x4s have gotten so popular these days that people have all but forgotten why they were originally created. These rugged vehicles weren’t meant to be the status symbols and luxury cars that they’ve evolved into. They were originally created for those who needed tough vehicles that could handle the wear and tear of a rough environment. Many of these vehicles were meant to be driven over rough, unpaved terrain, to get their drivers to remote areas. And, as they travelled to these remote areas, it was inevitable that they would meet with wildlife on the way. This is how the necessity for bull bars aluminium or steel came about.

The reason they’re called “bull bars” is because these hardy structures were originally meant to protect your 4×4 in case of collisions with cattle. Not even a big bull could cause damage that these sturdy bull bars couldn’t protect you from. Having bull bars on a 4×4 became as necessary as having four-wheel drive in the first place. Even if you don’t run into a bull, you are still likely to run into some form of wildlife on your off-roading adventures. So many Australians have run into kangaroos in their 4x4s that people have taken to calling them “roo bars” instead of “bull bars.”

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Bull bars are made out of the sturdiest aluminium or steel in order to make sure that they hold up in case of a collision. In recent days, bull bars made of polycarbonate tubing have grown in popularity, too. No matter what your personal style and preference, you can find bull bars that suit your car and your lifestyle. 4×4 Off Road is a retailer in Sydney of 4×4 accessories that offers a wide range of bull bars for different vehicles and purposes. They’re sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Getting bull bars in aluminium or steel is more than just a great way to protect your investment. It’s also a great way to show the world that you didn’t just get the 4×4 because you like the way it looks. No, you are a serious off-roader who takes the type of trips that require protection from collisions with animals. They are like an aluminium badge of legitimacy; they show the world that you’re no pretender. You know what off-roading requires and you’re ready to meet the challenges that it presents head-on.