When you go off-road in Australia, you are bound to encounter some rough ground. Australia is a continent of contrasts. There are the low, sandy eastern coastal plains, the eastern highlands, the central plains and the western plateau regions which offer a vast variety of topography for your off-road experience. A majority of Australia is vast and arid outback regions with a plethora of animal species and beautiful sights. When you go off-road anywhere in Australia, you are in for a treat. Before you rev up your engine, however, there are a few considerations that you should make. Namely, you should consider whether or not your 4wd vehicle is properly outfitted with the right 4×4 parts to make your trip enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

One of the most important of 4×4 parts especially when you intend to go off-road is the shock absorbers. Shock absorbers reduce the jarring effects of travelling over rough ground. Without proper shock absorbers, your vehicle as well as anything in it will bounce and shift. Good shock absorbers give the vehicle more stability in addition to a smoother ride. There are a variety of options when it comes to shock absorbers for the off-road enthusiast.

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Another important part to consider if you are taking your 4wd vehicle on an off-road adventure is a steering stabilizer. Like shock absorbers, they are designed to off-set the jarring experience of going off-road on bumpy and uneven ground. A good steering stabilizer will improve the overall handling of your 4wd vehicle by reducing any shimmying that your steering wheel experiences when going over rough road. With a good steering stabilizer, you can probably go more places on your off-road experience than if you didn’t have this part. Steering stabilizers, like most 4×4 parts, come in a wide variety of prices and with a wide variety of options.

Last, but certainly not least of the important 4×4 parts is the suspension lift kit. With a suspension lift kit, you raise your 4wd vehicle higher off the ground by lifting its frame, body, engine and power train well above the wheels. The reason this is done is for the same reason that you install shock absorbers. That is, it is said to lessen the jarring and bouncing associated with travelling over bumpy and uneven surfaces, something which is sure to occur frequently when you take your 4wd vehicle off-road. When you are not off-road, a suspension lift kit gives your 4wd vehicle a hulking look which is often desirable to young men to attract the attention of the opposite sex with your “cool” ride.