Roof Consoles

If you have an older vehicle that you love to drive, you may be disappointed that your car is not equipped with a roof console. Instead of buying an all-new car to make use of this beneficial feature, you fortunately have the opportunity to buy after market roof consoles that provides everything you might expect a low profile centre roof console to accomplish. This way, instead of paying several thousand dollars for a new car when you already love the one you have, you can pay a few hundred dollars to upgrade the cab with a roof console feature.

There are many features you will want to look out for as you choose which of the many roof consoles is right for your purposes. First, you will want one that comes with a promise of robust construction so it will function excellently off road. The best way to know if a manufacturer’s promise of this is true is if steel and hardwood are the materials chosen to build the console out of. Plastic consoles will undoubtedly not be as durable as you will need them to be for travelling off road. As far as attaching the console to the roof of your car, you want to find a manufacturer who discusses how it can be fitted by utilising the captive nuts of the rear view mirror along with interior light screws. This prevents any kind of drilling in the ceiling to be needed.

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Next, you want to plenty of storage compartments for storing everything from garage door openers to sun glasses. Spaces for the radio and other openings should be customisable so you can choose from the perfect roof consoles that will suit your needs the best. All this should be accomplished without denying the driver or passengers from having proper headroom. It should also not interfere with the functioning of sun visors, the rear view mirror, or any other facet of the car’s workings.

Cars have all different kinds of interiors, but you can choose from many roof consoles that are designed to follow the natural contours of your car’s head lining. With all the customisations that can be made, the roof console you end up installing in your vehicle could be different from anyone else’s. Your car will look sleeker on the inside, you will have more space to store accessories, and the addition of an altimeter fuel gauge will make your car feel much newer.