Alloy Trays

Utes get their name from the word “utility:” the quality of being useful. And few Ute owners take this for granted; they use their Utes like modern workhorses to haul cargo, pull heavy loads, and, in addition to all of these other tasks, to get around from place to place. As useful as they already are, there are many accessories that can make your Ute even more useful. You can add racks, trudle trays, and even a tonneau cover to make your Ute do more than you ever thought it could. Adding an alloy tray in particular is a must if you use your Ute for heavy-duty work.

An alloy tray is made out of an aluminium alloy. It fits over your Ute’s bed and protects it from the wear and tear that’s bound to occur when you’re using your Ute to do any really heavy lifting or hauling. These alloy trays can be used to widen the space you have available in your bed, or simply to make the bed a little shallower so that you can more easily reach your tools or whatever you have inside your Ute. And because they’re made with a durable aluminium alloy, they won’t rust.

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Alloy trays also come with various optional features that make them even more useful. You can get drawers that allow you to store things in your Ute. You can get lock boxes for keeping your tools safe from would-be thieves. You can get lids to protect whatever you have in your tray from theft or damage. You can even get sports bars for sitting on, which makes your Ute the perfect vehicle for work and for play. These bars are perfect seating for hosting a tailgating party. With an alloy tray on your Ute, there’s nothing that your Ute can’t do.

Getting the right alloy tray for your needs is key, however. If you choose an alloy tray with too many features, then they may get in your way, and you could end up regretting having paid too much for features that you don’t even use. But if you skimp on features that you actually need just to save a little money, you could end up regretting that you didn’t invest in a more useful tray. Fortunately, alloy trays come in all kinds of different configurations, so you’re bound to find one that works for you and will make your Ute even more useful.