Air Compressors

If you own a 4wd vehicle that you enjoy driving off road or cross-country, then you may want to deflate the tires when travelling over wet or boggy or sandy grounds. In such situations, an air compressor would be invaluable, as you would not have to worry about how you will inflate the tires when back on a hard surface. The maximum achievable pressure is an important consideration. If your primary concern is ensuring you have a means to inflate flat tires, then you will need a compressor that has forty or fifty psi.

If you are planning a trip to the great outdoors, there are certain pieces of equipment that should be thought of as essential to ensure the journey and days spent camping are as enjoyable as possible. Air compressors for 4wds are one such item. If your vehicle gets a flat tire, and the chance of this happening are high if you plan on travelling on unpaved roads, the value of an air compressor would be immense.

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Before your rush out and buy the first compressor you come across, it is worthwhile learning about how their specifications can differ. You will need to familiarize yourself with and compare the maximum pressure, duty cycle, airflow rate, portability, and cost of the air compressor. In fact, an air compressor can be used for a number of tasks when going on a camping expedition. Apart from inflating flat tires, you can also use a compressor for inflating an airbed, dinghy, or your kid’s toys.

On a final note, you need to consider whether you would prefer a compressor, which is mounted, on your vehicle or a design, which is removable and portable. The decision will primarily come down to how often you will require the usage of one of these air compressors. If you are not familiar with compressors it is worthwhile taking a moment to understand exactly how they work. In layman’s terms, they suck in air, which is then compressed to a value higher than regular atmospheric pressure, and then stored. This can then be released through a nozzle to inflate sealed components such as tires and airbeds. Of course, they can also be put to other uses around the home or workplace such as with air-powered tools.