Van Racking

A neat, organised van not only makes it easier to find things, but it also keeps the inside of your van looking tidy. If you use your van for work, you cannot be wasting time looking for tools. Get in, get out, and get back to the job. That’s the primary objective of van racking and shelving: To give you a place to put your tools where they’ll be easy to find, without all the hunting that goes on when you end up with a pile of stuff in the corner of the van. There are racks and shelves of various kinds, and all of them can help you stay organised.

If you’re worried about keeping your belongings secure in your van, a type of van racking and shelving that works well is Rak-A-Van racking. Rak-A-Van racking secures your shelves to the floor and uses no wall mountings; therefore, it cannot be moved off the wall of the van by a sudden jolt or something similar. Loose shelving may fall all over the place if it’s hit or jolted by something. You’ll want something that stays in place and won’t move around very much; Rak-A-Van racking does the job here.

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In addition to van racking and shelving that doesn’t move around, having lockable drawers is also an added plus. Being able to lock the drawers will keep your tools safely inside your van and out of the hands of thieves. If you’re wondering why even bother to lock up the drawer if you’re going to lock up the van anyway, think about this: If you’re outside working, the chances are very good that you’ll want your most frequently used tools at your disposal, ready to go. Would-be thieves know this as well, and they won’t hesitate to steal your equipment while you’re away from your van. Lockable shelves reduce the chances of this happening.

While adding van racking and shelving is a good idea for organisational purposes, everyone must keep in mind that additional safety measures are still necessary. Installing shelving that cannot be moved if the van is suddenly jolted or swerves in any direction. Also, lockable shelves help keep your prized possessions out of the wrong hands and safely tucked away in your van. If you’ve been thinking about getting organised for a while now, making an investment in van racking and shelving is a pretty good decision.