Roller Shutter

Are you the proud owner of a ute? Have you ever tried to wrestle with a stiff, vinyl shutter on the bed of your ute? You must have really wanted this area of your vehicle covered to be willing to put that much effort into concealing the back. Fortunately, there is an easier way to accomplish your desire of privacy and security, and that is with a roller shutter for utes. Finally, instead of finding yourself working with a stiff manual shutter in the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night, you can simply press a button and be done.

Automatic roller shutter for utes are so convenient, you will wish you had found out about them sooner! There are two options for operating the roller shutter. The first is to press a button on a remote similar to the remote on your keychain that locks and unlocks your car doors. This device is small and battery powered so you can take it anywhere with you. If you are already seated in the cabin, the other option for operating the roller shutter is with an electric switch that is easily accessible to you inside the cabin.

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After activating your roller shutter, sit back and watch as the sturdy roller clicks into place. There is an automatic internal lock that provides you with complete security when you choose this kind of roller shutter for utes. The unique lock is located inside so there is no visible pad lock on the outside or any visible indication that the shutter is locked at all. The materials that are utilised include aluminium, plastic, and an encapsulated seal. The aluminium is in place to provide strength. The plastic allows for the rolling movement to occur without rattling. The seal is for weather proofing purposes so anything locked within the bed of your ute will not be damaged if it rains.

If you have a ute or a truck, you could greatly benefit from an investment in a roller shutter for utes. They are designed for Ford and Holder trucks and utes along with Japanese and American style vehicles as well. If you are interested in a custom-built model for your Dodge or GMC, such work is available upon request. You have the option of including a ladder wrack or sports bar along with various colour selections so you can be sure to get a roller shutter that compliments your vehicle.