Wheel Carriers

When you are off road, the last thing you want to do is to have to crawl underneath your vehicle to get to your spare tire. A wheel kept under a 4WD vehicle is not only troublesome to access, but restricts ground clearance, and is prone to damage when you are off-road. If a larger tire is used for the spare, the size issue can cause additional problems for spare storage. When a spare tire is mounted onto the back door of a 4WD, it can cause stress and damage to the door and its assembly. Rear wheel carriers are the answer to these tire storage problems.

Off road terrain and conditions make it ideal to have your spare wheel in a carrier. Many are designed so that they open right along with the rear door. This design needs no levers, pins, or swinging wheels on a carrier. Wheel carriers that fit standard bumpers and rear bars that hold a spare wheel carrier are also available. Rear wheel carriers are available for most all makes and models of 4×4. When purchasing, check to make sure you are getting the correct model for your 4WD. It’s also important to see if the carrier can accommodate the size of your larger off-road tires.

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Is your wheel carrier built tough enough to withstand harsh conditions? Heavy duty rear wheel carriers are excellent for transporting heavier wheels and tires. They provide added protection for the back end of your 4×4. A heavy duty replacement bar with a single wheel carrier is appropriate for off-road situations. Rear wheel carriers are often part of a rear bar replacement set. Some include a rear step with a dual wheel carrier. A dual spare wheel carrier has a right and left hand side with recovery points on both for optimal function. It comes complete with accessories and a rear number plate holder.

The last thing you want to do is to have to throw your spare in the bed of your off-road vehicle. Some off-roaders build their own spare wheel carriers. Many manufacturers will work with you if you make an effort to communicate. Just let them know exactly what you need in a rear wheel carrier. Wouldn’t you rather purchase a spare tire carrier that even comes with a powder-coated finish? Rust protection is always a consideration with 4WD vehicles. Your back end is always going to be exposed to mud. Rear wheel carriers are ideal in so many ways!