Trundle Trays

These trundle trays are lockable, which is a necessity as well; not merely a bonus. Lockable trays secure your items so they won’t be stolen; furthermore, would be thieves are not going to waste time bending underneath your Ute to find the trundle tray and bother to pick the lock. Only the most determined thieves would even bother to attempt it. Anyone who uses a vehicle for commercial purposes will benefit from installing a trundle tray and draws for alloy trays. From the additional space, the added security, and for pure aesthetics, trundle trays simply work.

A trundle tray and draws for alloy trays is a worthwhile investment into your commercial vehicle. The extra trays expand the amount of tools you’ll be able to carry, and combining them with van shelving will create a pretty well organised vehicle. If you wish to install the tray yourself, you’ll need a few tools, but chances are you’ve already got them! Spending a little while putting this trundle tray in will pay off down the road in terms of greater work efficiency and less time wasted hunting around the vehicle for that one perfect tool you can’t ever seem to find at the exact time you need it.

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Commercial vehicles such as work vans need to have accessible compartments so you’ll have the full range of the tools you need to get done what you need to get done. What if you don’t exactly have all the space you need for your tools? This is where a trundle tray and draws for alloy trays come in. Buy one of these trundle trays and get your work done. Trundle trays fit underneath the flatbed, so they’re like an extra compartment that you sometimes forget you have. It can be a welcome surprise for those who continuously run out of space in the compartments they do have.

Much like the bolted-down van shelves, external drawers come in handy. It’ll accomplish two things: First, you won’t be rummaging around in the corner of your vehicle, thereby wasting valuable time; secondly, because you won’t be wasting time looking for parts, your business will be running far more efficiently, and that means you’ll be wasting less time and more time completing work. From a logistical standpoint, it’s a no-brainer. Put your most frequently used items in the trundle tray and draws for alloy trays, therefore putting these useful tools at your fingertips without having to go into the van for them.