Tyre Deflators

Tyre deflators have not always existed. If you have been an off-roader for a decade or more, you undoubtedly did not use one when you first became involved in this hobby because there was no such thing as a tyre deflator. Today, instead of the need to break out a screwdriver and fiddle with a tyre gauge until the pressure is decreased enough for the rough road you are about to tackle, you can rapidly air down your tyre pressure with a convenient tyre deflator. It is a much faster alternative and far more convenient as well. With the small size and affordable price of tyre deflators, there is no reason why every four-wheeling hobbyist should not own one.

Brass tyre deflators are automatically preset to 18 PSI, but they can be adjusted to between 6 and 30 PSI. A lock ring holds the adjustment cap in place once you obtain the pressure you want. While there is no output indication of what the PSI is set to, you can accurately set it to where you want by knowing that each 180-degree turn decreases the pressure by 3 PSI. You can also set the tyre deflator by screwing it onto a tyre that is already deflated and turning the cap until the air barely escapes. Then, all your tyres will be set to the same pressure as the first.

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Tyre deflators are made in Australia and sold in sets of four. There is a useful storage pouch so you will be sure not to lose any. The best thing about buying a full set of four is that you can screw one onto the valve stem of each tyre and simply leave them there. In only about 60 seconds, the tyres will be deflated to the perfect pressure and the tyre deflators will automatically shut off. Be sure you buy one with this capability because some tyre deflators on the market will not stop, but air down your tyres until they are completely deflated.

If you are looking for the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to lower the pressure in your tyres for an amazing off-roading experience, this is the perfect purchase for you to make. It is best to use your tyre deflators for the first time with someone else who has had experience with them in the past. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the wilderness with completely deflated tyres if your operation of the deflator goes wrong.