Winch Straps

If you need or decide to venture off the paved roads in your 4×4, you need equipment that will be compatible with your 4×4 and adapt to rougher surroundings. Winch extension straps provide extra length to your winch’s cable when an appropriate anchor point is not in reach. These straps add to the recovery equipment that you may already have for your 4WD. They double the capacity of your existing winch, and can also be used as a non-stretch tow rope. They may help you to use and unwind less cable. Australian made straps are often the best.

Winch extension straps come in several kinds, such as winch straps with chains or a chain extension. Many have a chain anchor. Winch straps with D rings, flat hooks or wire hooks can be purchased. Extension straps with delta rings or cloth loops can be used with truck winches and different kind of buckles, like ratchet or cam buckles. It is really up to the personal preferences of the 4×4 owner. These straps will not stretch like a snatch strap, and handle much easier than a chain. The strap material is both light and strong

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The transportation industry is the largest user of high-strength webbing. Winch extension straps are constructed from this superior webbing. The webbing is a strong fabric woven as a flat strip of variable width, with fibres used instead of rope. The most recent webbing is made from exceptional high-strength materials, such as Kevlar, nylon, polyester and Dyneema. The name webbing represents the meshed material normally used in its construction that resembles a web. Straps come in 2” and 4” sizes, which can be used with 2” and 4” truck winches. Many of these straps have a working load limit of at least 3335 lbs (2” straps) and up to 5400 lbs (4” straps).

Most extension straps come in lengths of 20’ to 50’. Those who already use winch extension straps know they are much easier to store than wire rope. When you need to use a double line though a snatch block pulley, these extension straps are invaluable. Going off-road in your 4×4 means you should be prepared for anything. Make sure you own a strap if you have a hand or a vehicle mounted winch. You never know when you may need to extend the reach of your existing winch. Maybe it’s time to update your older extension strap with a new one!