Off Road Equipment

Every off road enthusiast must learn to walk the line between recklessness and worry if they want to enjoy their 4wd adventures without being caught off-guard by an unexpected situation. That is why there are certain kinds of off road equipment that no 4×4 fanatic should be without. Here is a look at the top pieces of equipment you will not want to be without and why.

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The first on the list of important off road equipment is a winch. These come in different varieties and with varying levels of strength. Some are electrical while others are hand winches. If you find yourself stuck in a place that your vehicle cannot be freed from on its own, you may choose to attach a winch to a tree and use a pulley system to yourself free. You will need various other accessories for your winch to be the most useful, including a snatch strap, snack block, D-shackles, drag chain, and tow hooks. You will also want to employ protective equipment like gloves for your hands, a heavy blanket to hang over the cable to absorb energy if it should break, and a tree trunk protector.

Next, you should have tyre deflators on your list of important off road equipment. These convenient little gadgets have not been around as long as the hobby of off roading has been, but since it became available, off roaders often will refuse to leave home without it. The wild tundra is unpredictable and may present very bumpy conditions to traverse. In order to save your tyres, you should deflate them to a much lower pressure. Tyre deflators make it easy to deflate each tyre to the same level as one another.

Other very important pieces of off road equipment are those that you can easily store in the back of your 4wd vehicle. The first of these include shovels and hand tools. While off roading, you may find yourself in need of digging your vehicle out with a shovel or using tools like a hi-lift jack or exhaust jack for even greater assistance in getting un-stuck. Toolbox items are important as well, including hand wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers to accomplish whatever task presents itself to you. Booster cables are also good to have stored in your vehicle whether you are off roading or not. With all of these important pieces of off road equipment, you will surely enjoy your next 4wd experience.