Smart Bars

Whether you own a fleet of trucks or you have an off-roading vehicle that you want to provide extra frontal protection for, you will be interested in seeing the benefits of Smart Bars. These products are produced in Australia, meaning they do not need to be shipped far to reach you. If you are concerned about the environmental and economical impact that Smart Bars have, you will be pleased to learn that since they are lightweight, they prevent your vehicle from requiring any additional gas to function. This is because they are constructed out of polyethylene instead of metal. The result is a lightweight, impact, rust and chip resistant add-on to your vehicle that is environmentally friendly as well.

When companies employ the use of Smart Bars, they find that immobilisation of their vehicles because of a run-in with wildlife becomes a thing of the past. Plus, repair costs are decreased significantly because of the high impact safety features offered by Smart Bars. Not only do they act as a shield for the body of the car they are installed on, they also have a unique ability to absorb the force of impacts and return to their original shape instead of denting badly like metal bars do. The duel benefit of protecting your car and preventing the need to repair the Smart Bar makes it a great investment.

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Thanks to the unique technology used in the creation of Smart Bars, there are sleek, beautiful lines and various kinds of styling that allow them to fit different vehicle profiles. Manufacturers that Smart Bars can be tailored to fit include Ford, Hino, Holden, Isuzu, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota. There are various colour options as well to ensure that the addition of a Smart Bar to your vehicle will not detract from its striking appearance. Black, two shades of gray, red, and white are the colour options, though white is only available on specific models.

Overall, Smart Bars are the best choice in creating enhanced front crash safety. Whether an impact with an animal occurs or a crash with another vehicle or stationary object takes place, you will be pleased that you have the proper protection for your vehicle to decrease its downtime and reduce the cost of repair. There is no reason why every vehicle should not be equipped with Smart Bars to overcome the ongoing issue of front crash safety.