Side Rails

There is more than one reason to install side rails and protection steps on your 4wd vehicle. The first reason is to protect the lower panels of your vehicle from off-roading rocks and debris that are typical of unpaved roads. With a protection step on both the driver and passenger side of your car, you will prevent the vulnerable panels from becoming damaged, no matter what terrain you are traversing. The other reason for side rails and protection steps is to give you an additional leg up to make getting into the vehicle easier. There are a few options to choose from depending on exactly what you are looking for in a side bar and protection step.

Side rails that are designed to be flat like a step offer you the duel benefits of side rails and protection steps. Many models feature tread plating to ensure your safe exit and entrance from the vehicle, whether you are taking it out on an off-roading excursion or simply driving around town. There are also deluxe versions that provide a modern appearance while offering the body of your vehicle a structural protection from rocks and other debris. The surface on deluxe protection steps has a non-slip urethane pad to provide even easier entry and exit of the vehicle.

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Side rails and protection steps are designed to protect the entire length of your car’s body, from front wheel well to rear wheel well. There are different models sold today meant to protect different kinds of off-road vehicles. You will want to make sure that the kind you choose will fit the car you have or it will not look right or function properly. There is quite a wide price range for these products so you can make the ideal investment for you while improving your 4wd experience.

These trims are not only beneficial in protecting your car and helping you get in and out easier, but side rails and protection steps also look attractive. The appealing metal or black finish and sleek lines of these 4wd accessories actually complete the look of your car rather than taking away from it. If you want to enjoy your off-roading experience without worrying about the condition of the side of your vehicle, this is the perfect addition to your car. Nothing else will protect your car while adding an attractive and functional trim at the same time.