Snatch Block

A snatch block is basically a pulley located inside a metal casing. It is used to help make the process of winching easier and more powerful. In order to allow it to handle the thousands of pounds of pressure, it is constructed of very strong, heavy-weight material. Most snatch blocks have a rated strength of more than 38,000 lbs. This number must be so high because of the pressure that is applied to the snatch block when winching occurs. Most snatch blocks weigh about 10 lbs, but they are compact enough to easily be stored in your vehicle for times when you need them most. If you own a 4×4 vehicle that is equipped with a winch, this is a highly beneficial accessory to include in your car.

If you find yourself needing to use your winch, you will discover that a snatch block noticeably increases the pulling power of it. In fact, because of the concept of pulley systems, adding a snatch block will half the winching effort because it doubles the line. This means that you can retrieve loads that are double the winch’s individual capabilities. The best snatch blocks have side plates positioned right next to the pulley so the possibility of the winch cable becoming stuck along the sides is eliminated. Grooves which taper down will allow for a variety of cable sizes to be used.

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Using snatch blocks without experience can be very dangerous. In fact, the situation could turn life threatening if it is hooked up incorrectly. The reason for this is because the car and winch are putting a huge amount of force on the snatch block. Proper setup is needed for them to not fail catastrophically. Keep in mind that the actually weight exerted on the snatch block could easily double the actual weight of the vehicle being pulled.

To protect yourself while using a snatch block, make sure that the load is hooked solidly to the snatch block. A more pricey investment will ensure that your snatch block works without fail every time you need it. If you have an electric winch, you may notice that they slow down or stop altogether if the load becomes too much. This could prevent the snapping of cables and save your life! For the most advantageous winching situation, you can use two snatch blocks to create a triple line pull with an even greater reduction in pressure on the winch.