Bow Shackles

Most types of 4×4 recovery situations call for the use of bow shackles. These devices, also known as D shackles and clevises, are offered in a wide variety of options. Some are not rated for high-strength applications, so you will want to make sure you get one that is designed to take on large loads. Most 4wd vehicles have tabs for bow shackles on the rear bumper. These will vary in size, which determines the size of D shackles you will need. Keep in mind that the size of tab on your bumper will result in the need to get a D shackle that is one size down. For example, if yours is 3/4”, you will need 5/8” shackles.

Many bow shackles of this size are rated at various strengths, but if you want to make sure you can take care of even the heaviest loads, you should look for one that is rated at 10,000 lbs. The prices that D shackles are sold for vary greatly as well, so be sure to buy from your price range. As you shop for the right size according to the tabs on your 4wd vehicle, make sure you buy based on the diameter of the pin rather than the diameter of the bow if fitting properly has been a problem for you.

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The highest capacity bow shackles will be made from galvanized alloy steel rather than galvanized steel. The combination of alloys is what increases the strength of the D shackle. Once you have the perfect product for you, you can expect to use it for winching applications and even light tow strap use. Once you install them, you will be able to keep them in place permanently and use them when the situation calls for it. The ability to not have to worry about storage is a great benefit of D shackles. To ensure the pin does not unscrew over time, it is wise to use an unobtrusive wire tie through the hole and pin to keep it securely in place.

Keep in mind that some bow shackles look more like a horseshoe shape with a pin connecting the two ends. This shape difference does not intrinsically effective load capacity—it is simply a different design. If you want the highest capacity D shackles on the rear of your vehicle, you should explore all shapes, but look for galvanized alloy steel.