Drag Chain Kits

While 4wd vehicle drivers utilize many different kinds of equipment to make their experience better, drag chain kits are probably the most commonly used products among off-road enthusiasts. Drag chains are sold in various grades, but a grade of 70 made from high tensile steel is certainly recommended for all your heavy drag chain needs. You can expect to receive a kit that includes three different kinds of hooks, allowing the chain to be functional in various situations. These are known as lug links, slip hooks, and grab hooks. The hooks and the entire length of chain can be stored in the durable plastic storage bucket they are purchased in, and the bucket can easily fit into a recovery kit bag.

Early designs of drag chain kits were constructed of various kinds of metals, steel being the most preferred material of choice. This is still the metal that drag chain kits are constructed of today. The chains you will typically find in drag chain kits are five metres long with 8mm thick links. The end will feature a lug link and either a slip hook or grab hook on the other end. These chains are plated for the purpose of preventing rust.

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The main purpose of drag chains is to drag fallen trees or logs off your trail. The last thing you want is to be confronted with an immoveable fallen tree or other large obstacle in your path at the start of your off-road adventure. Fortunately, you can keep fallen trees from being a problem when you have a drag chain kit at your disposable. No 4wd owner should be without a drag chain kit if they are off-roading in treacherous conditions. They are designed to last a lifetime, given that you do not overburden the chain, making them a one-time investment that will last forever.

There are other uses for drag chain kits as well. Farm use and commercial applications make use of these chains for different purposes. However, drag chain kits are not typically recommended for winching. The reason is because the chain itself is usually not rated unless you buy a chain with a rating label every tenth link. These are very expensive options, and usually not necessary for regular 4wd applications. While the chain is not rated the shackles on the ends are. Remember, then, that these are drag chains, not extension straps for winching.