Weight Distribution

Do you think you may be in need of a weight distribution system for your tow vehicle? The purpose is to redistribute the weight of a trailer that is hooked to the rear of a tow vehicle to all the axels of both the trailer itself and the car towing it. This improves the stability of the vehicle while reducing the amount the trailer can sway while being towed. It also makes driving easier. You will need to seriously consider weight distribution systems for your towing situation if the trailer you are pulling weighs more than 50% of the tow vehicle’s weight.

Weight distribution systems are hitches that are made to slide into a tow vehicle’s receiver to accomplish its task of redistributing the weight along all axles. There are four components to a weight distribution system, which are the hitch receiver, ball mount, spring bar assembly, and sway control. Once you have purchased one for your towing needs, it is fairly easy to adjust. The brackets are snapped on, so by changing the links in the support chains, the tension of the spring bar can be adjusted. As long as the weight of your trailer at various times is within the range allowed by the spring bars, you can easily use the same weight distribution system for various sized loads.

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As you examine different weight distribution systems to decide which will be best for you, you will come across two different weight ratings. One is the GTW, or gross trailer weight. This refers to the total amount of weight your fully-loaded trailer will be. The TW, or tongue weight, is the weight of the trailer tongue added to any weight that is being carried behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. You will want to make sure the GTW of the weight distribution system you purchase exceeds the load you will actually be carrying.

While this is important for a weight distribution system to be effective, the weight rating should only be slightly higher than the weight of your loaded trailer. For example, do not go overboard by purchasing weight distribution systems rated at 1,000 pounds if you will only be towing 500 pounds. If you do this, the towing will feel inconsistent. On the other hand, if you are towing 1,000 pounds and get a weight distribution system rated for 500 pounds, the system will prove to be ineffective for your needs.