Air Suspension

The idea of using air suspension is one that has been dubbed the work of a genius. If you find yourself driving in multiple kinds of situations in your 4×4 vehicle, you will appreciate this technological marvel more than others. When the system is functioning at its peak, you will be granted the most luxurious ride possible. This is because, as opposed to traditional spring suspension, air suspension allows you to adjust the level of suspension your car experiences in different settings. For example, if you are towing or hauling a load and the weight is greater on a vehicle, you can add air and when your vehicle is unloaded, you can simply remove air for a smoother ride.

With traditional suspension, you have to settle for one or the other. This means that if your car has a suspension system built for a more comfortable ride, you will not be able to tow anything. On the opposite hand, a stiff suspension offers an incredibly uncomfortably ride unless you happen to be hauling something. This one-sided approach to suspension is in the past as soon as you turn to air suspension and all the great features of comfort and functionality that it provides you with.

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The way that air suspension works is with an electric or engine-powered air compressor. The compressor puts the air under pressure and acts as a perfect replacement for conventional spring suspension systems. Not only is the air adjustable for different driving and towing conditions, it also is intrinsically better at softening the contact with the frame and axle. In fact, depending on the amount of air you have under pressure, and the exact system you choose, you can get between 450kg and 2,200kg of load-levelling capacity. The versatility is great and makes it the perfect replacement for a traditional suspension system in any vehicle.

There are several parts that come with an air suspension system to make it function suitably after proper installation. You can expect two inflation valves, two air springs, an airline, and all the fittings you need including mounting hardware. Detailed instructions ensure you install the system without mistakes. Air suspension is engineered to be installed easily in two hours or less of your valuable time. If you are tired of bottoming out, rolling, and experiencing sway when you tow a load, you will want to make the switch to an air suspension system for your 4×4 vehicle.