Recovery Kits

Bags that are designed to hold everything included in 4wd recovery kits have box section pockets, which are far superior to basic flat pockets. Box section pockets allow for larger items to fit comfortably within the pocket, and the inclusion of Velcro flaps ensure that everything will stay securely in place. These individual pockets are convenient because most of the equipment you will include in your 4wd recovery kit will be made of metal. Without the fabric to separate everything, you would be required to endure rattling during the entire drive. Everything you need—including shackles, snatch blocks, straps, a puncture kit, a shovel, a winch control, hoses, a compressor, and more—can fit into one of these custom bags made precisely for 4wd recovery kits.

The unique design of your bag will ensure that everything you need in your recovery kit will take up the least amount of room as possible. It can become very compact if you fill it with less gear because the box section pockets fold to become completely flat when they are void of contents. In fact, when they are empty enough, 4wd recovery kits are small enough to easily be stored beneath the driver’s seat. Yet you can fill the bag to maximum capacity, filling every pocket and expanding it to its largest size.

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It is up to you what you fill your recovery kit with. Even if you decide you want a snatch snap, a winch extension strap, a hand winch, and more, there are multiple options available for each of these. That means you can customize your 4wd recovery kits to suit your exact preferences based on your vehicle and the gear you think you will be most likely to need in the case of an emergency. No off-roader should be without his 4wd recovery kit.

Necessary 4wd recovery kits are not complete without several oddly-shaped, though essential, pieces of equipment. Kits are more than just a compilation of gear you throw together. You can buy all-inclusive kits that come complete with a carrying bag. These are designed to be waterproof and durable so they will not rip easy. Nylon is the material of choice, as it can hold all your sodden gear to prevent a mess in your 4wd. Then, at the completion of your weekend of camping, you can simply spray out the bag and all the gear you may or may not have used that particular weekend.