Nudge Bars

Is your 4×4 looking a little stale? Are you looking to replace it with a newer model? With the increase in the prices of vehicles, perhaps the better option is to give your trusty old model a facelift. Sometimes the smallest change can give the biggest effect. Have you considered installing a nudge bar onto the front of your car? There are differences between nudge bars and bull bars. A Bull bar is a replacement for the front bumper and tends to add a lot more bulk to the front of the vehicle. They are practical if you intend to take your vehicle out regularly for rough off road experiences.

Nudge bars are simply aluminium bars that are mounted to the front of your off-road vehicle to protect it in the unfortunate case of a collision. They’re also called “roo bars” because kangaroos are the animals most commonly associated with this type of incident. The bars prevent the front of the vehicle from being more severely damaged, which could lead to injury to the driver and passengers of the car. Off-roading is already a somewhat risky activity. If you plan to engage in it, you owe it to yourself and your passengers to do it as safely as possible, and that means getting nudge bars installed.

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Fortunately, finding nudge bars to fit your vehicle doesn’t have to be a chore. You can find nudge bars in aluminium and even in polycarbonate tubing at Sutherland Shire Off Road. The Sydney-based retailer of four-wheel drive (4wd) vehicle accessories offers a wide selection of nudge bars, and can offer you expert installation. If you’re going to get nudge bars installed, then you’d better get them installed correctly. The last thing you want is for your nudge bars to fall off when you need them most because they weren’t properly installed.

Getting nudge bars in aluminium or polycarbonate tubing is a great way to protect the investment you’ve made in your 4×4. You’ll feel a lot freer as you drive because you know you’re protected. If you go off-roading often, you’re bound to get into a “wild” situation eventually. But having nudge bars on your vehicle will ensure that the damage is as limited as possible, and that you and your passengers will survive to drive another day. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected from the worst-case scenario.