UHF Radios

UHF radios are communication devices that are used by 4wd and truck owners when travelling in remote locations. It is not without good reason that those people venturing into the outback are encouraged to fit a UHF radio in their vehicle. If you have a breakdown and require assistance, it may be the only means you have to communicate your distress to the outside world. The average cost of a UHF system including antennae is not high, though it will depend upon the exact features and specifications.

Before you rush out to your local 4wd accessories store, it is essential that you understand the differences between UHF systems. Experienced outdoors people would suggest that it is the antenna, which is in fact more important than the actual radio. This is because there are UHF antennas designed for flat topography and others that are meant for mountainous or hilly areas. The problem is that you cannot purchase an antenna that is excellent in both terrains. If this is important to you, then you may need to install two antennas. Whichever you buy, make sure they are of the highest quality, as you would not want it to get damaged by wildlife or overhanging vegetation.

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There are in fact a number of UHF radio systems you could consider. To acquire an understanding of which options consistently perform well, check out the opinions and reviews found on 4wd forums. You should quickly be able to discover which option would be best for your needs. It would be preferable to opt for a model that has a long warranty, as you would not want to have the hassle of buying a replacement if it becomes unusable quickly. For the widest range of options, it would be useful to check out a selection of online retailers as they can usually offer UHF radios far below the cost that they retail for in a 4wd accessories showroom or camping store.

It is important that before you head out on any expedition, you familiarize yourself with the correct usage of the UHF radio. Beware that there are fines that can be levied if they are used wrongly. Understand that there are forty channels available on the radios, each of which has been dedicated for a different use. For example, channel five is reserved for emergency situations, whereas channel 9 can be used for general conversations. We should never overlook the value of UHF radios when travelling long distances in remote areas. In fact, you should consider them an essential item to carry with you whenever you head off in your 4wd.