Tyre Repair Kits

Taking proper care of your tyres is imperative to having a safe, enjoyable time both on the road and off the beaten trail. You want to maximise the life of your tyres, but sometimes, despite your efforts, you will find yourself in need of a tyre repair kit to get yourself up and running again. There are several different kinds of tyre repair kits available on the market today, so how do you choose which is right for you? Here is an exploration into _ different kinds of kits that you may want to invest in to protect yourself in the case of a flat tyre away from any service area.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of repair person, you will want plug and patch tyre repair kits. These are the kinds utilised by auto stores and other professionals. The kits come with all the tyre repair tools you will need to get your car on its way. What you will be looking for is a kit that is professional quality but designed for consumer use. There are certain kits within this category designed specifically for tubeless tyres. These are compact and easy to use on all types of vehicles, including 4×4 vehicles.

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For a job that is more temporary, but will get you safely to a professional for a more thorough repair, you can utilise tyre repair kits that are considered good for emergency use only. Until your car can be serviced, these kinds of kits will allow you to drive for a limited amount of time. This will not be the kind of kit for you if your car has a tyre management system, which can be damaged by repair sealants found in these kinds of tyre repair kits. Glue or “slime” sealants are used for this kind of quick repair, which allows you to drive further without needing to replace your tyre or wait for a tow truck that might never come if you are far enough off road.

When it comes to off-roading tyre repair kits, the first, more permanent option may be the better one for you. The ground off road, as you well know, can be treacherous. The last thing you want is for a temporary sealant to come loose and put you right back in the predicament you recently get yourself out of. It is important that you learn how to use tyre repair kits if you want to make use of them when you need them most.