Lyco Loader

Have you ever been stuck loading a heavy piece of equipment into the back of your truck or ute all by yourself? Instead of waiting until someone else can help you, which could still result in injury from the heavy lifting, you could appreciate what a Lyco Loader has to offer. Finally, you have the chance to avoid a primary cause for injury from tailgate loading by making use of a device that does all the hard work for you. Because of the Lyco Loader’s affordability and ease of use, anyone can have one installed on the side or rear of their truck or ute and save their backs from potential injury.

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A Lyco Loader is a foldable platform that slides out from beneath the bed of your truck. This prevents it from taking up valuable tray space. When locked into place, you are able to easily turn a crank on the side which employs a pulley system to lower the platform from the height of your truck bed to the ground. Then, you can easily roll or slide your heavy load onto the platform and turn the crank in the opposite direction to return it to the height of the truck bed for an easy transition from the Lyco Loader to the bed of the truck.

This convenient device can lift loads of up to 300kg in weight, yet it only weighs 55kg itself, meaning very little weight is added to your truck. Since it folds away, your truck’s wind resistance and rear visibility are impacted very little. The amazing lifting capability of the Lyco Loader is accomplished without electric motors or hydraulics. What this means for you is heightened affordably, increased safety, and ease of use with the efforts of only one person. The low exertion required to operate the Lyco Loader will ensure that your back pain will not return after your next heavy move of equipment.

The Lyco Loader can be easily mounted to nearly any table top vehicle. You could choose to mount it yourself or have a dealer do the work for you. Either way, it is only about an hour-long project. Whether you are a plumber, appliance repairman, courier, or even a beekeeper, you can make use of the convenience of the Lyco Loader. If you have multiple people on your team, you can still save everyone from risking their backs by making a one-time investment that will save you both time and potential injury.